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·        Our business off customized apparel production is a family tradition that started from 19th century and that goes on for the fourth generation,

·        Jonuz Rada (Fist Generation) Was a reputable tailor in Prizren/Kosovo that produced together with his family customized man suits, shirts and dresses for woman, he extended his business by importing textile materials from Italy, Turkey, Syria etc. to Balkan Countries, also well known by his humanitarian activities,  he was organizing every year wealthy businessman's to help the poor. 

·        Tefik Rada (Second Generation) continued his fathers business and started the producing National Wear for customers of different regions of Kosovo, the products were fully customized according individual costumer satisfaction, 

·        Jonuz Rada Junior (Third Generation) brought the first Automatic Computerized Embroidery machines in Balkans and as the bigger private producer in a Communist country (former Yugoslavia) competed with his products against much bigger government factories that could not extinguish his business due to the expertise he had and the quality of his products, he mainly produced high quality embroidered table cloths, bed covers and different home textile products.

·        Furkan Rada (Forth Generation) after the last war in Kosovo on year 2000 started from the scratch his Apparel business named Fashion Network Industries (FNW) that for short time became one of the most reputable apparel producer in region. From the beginning of international military and diplomatic missions in Kosovo FNW is the main uniform and insignia suppler of military organisations like German, Italian, Austrian KFOR in Kosovo. American UN Police Italian Gendarmerie and French Gendarmerie known as the police forces with the best uniform designs in the world chose the quality of our products, they did not change their preference until the end of their missions in Kosovo after 12 years of service here. Beside the customized products from year 2013 FNW develops and produces casual and sportswear apparel products as well.


·        From the beginning of the business our main goal is to fully understand the requirements and needs of our costumers and to keep them 100% satisfied with the quality and value of our products and services. Our business fully implemented Quality Management Systems and standards according to ISO 9001:2008 from the year 2012.