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Production Capacity


·         Meet with the Design Brand for Work and Casual clothing FNW-Concept. From the brand values to the professional work difficulties, with the tailor care and accuracy together with capabilities for many careful analyses and tests we develop the clothing models exactly according to your Brand image and needs. By consulting and cooperating with the best designers in place we add value to our customer’s products. By using the latest 3D concept software we make clothing designs come alive long before we start to cut any materials. Two modelers, one stylist, two production managers, one marketing manager, one designer, consultants from Kosovo and abroad complete our staff for product development called FNW-Concept team. 
·         Our production teams sum up to 77 skilled employees, this teams are supported from a network of other specialized companies abroad that support us with extra 520 employees when necessary. 
·         Production, design and supply operations are managed with professionalism from management of FNW that is certified with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate. Also our close cooperation with VETLC (Vocational Education and Training Local Council of Prizren) enables us to train and recruit new work power in record time. 
·         With state of art technology of Automatic Computerized Embroidery machines, our embroidery capacity passes the borders of Kosovo and we are one of the bigger embroidery producer in the region.
·         Our Apparel production capacity is very flexible due to our many year experience, team of skilled professionals and due to the network of producers, designers and suppliers that we cooperate in Kosovo and abroad. So when we think of Fashion Network Industries we don't think of one company, but a network of companies that work together as one body and also can function as separate organisations.